To which countries do you ship?

From October 2020 we will only ship orders to countries in Europe. This has to do with the costs and time of the phytosanitary inspection for sending Ameryllis to countries outside Europe.

My country is not on the list of countries at your website

Sadly, it’s not possible to send to other countries. This has to do with the very strict import requirements of the country. If you have a special request please feel free to send us an email.

What are the delivery charges / shipping costs

The shipping costs depends on the total quantity of bulbs and country for delivery. The amount is automatically calculated in your shopping cart.

When will my package be send?

On your receipt is the date of the shipment. It can take several days before your package is trackable with the track and trace system. You can track your package at TrackYourParcel

How long does it take before my package is delivered?

As soon your package is processed by our shipping agent, it will take 5 – 10 workdays until your package is delivered. We don’t have influence on the speed of the delivery. During holidays there may be a delay.

I haven’t received my package after 15 workdays have gone by?

You can track your package at TrackYourParcel
It’s also possible that the package is delivered at the neighbors or at the post office. Check those places as well.
As soon as the package is processed in the post-system, we are no longer responsible for you package. For any further questions about the delivery please contact our carrier PostNL

There is no data or status updates about my package in the track and trace?

As soon your package has gone through a hub, the package will be scanned. After this the status of your package will be updated. It’s possible that your package isn’t scanned in a country or at a hub. The status will not be updated if this happens.

I’ve not received all of the bulbs?

Bigger orders for out of the EU are often packages with multiple boxes. There go approximately 6-10 bulbs in one package. The packages will be send at the same time, but it is possible that the packages will be delivered at different days.

Is it possible to change my order?

After ordering it’s no longer possible to change your order. If you would like to add extra bulbs to another order, you have got to place a new order. We will then try to merge the packages at the packaging. It is however not a warranty that it will be successful.

Can I cancel my order?

Within 7 days after ordering, you can cancel your order. As soon as your order has been send, it will no longer be possible to cancel your order.

The variety did not bloom true its name?

We do our best to send our bulbs true to its name, but we are dependent on what is send by our growers. We select our suppliers very carefully and trust on a reliable delivery. We will never on purpose deliver the wrong kind of bulb ordered by you without consultation. Unfortunately is it not possible to claim a bulb that has not bloomed true to its name.

I have received a bad bulb?

During the packaging we always check all the bulbs with best possible care. And we make sure that your order won’t get damaged during the transport. If you do receive a bulb that is no longer capable of being planted, you can send us a picture of the bulb and together we will try to find a solution to this.

How can I pay for my order?

There are different ways to pay

  • With Paypal
  • With you credit card via Paypal, you don’t need a Paypal account. Accepted credit cards are: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others
  • For EU countries it’s also possible to pay via the bank. Our bank detail will appear in the checkout pages and also on your order confirmation
  • With iDeal

My package has been returned by the carrier

Has your package been offered three times at the delivery address, or has your package been at the postal office and you’ve not picked it up yet, it will be send back to us.
If the package has been returned to us, we can re-send your order. However We will have to charge you for the extra shipping costs. Please note that we will re-send the retuned parcel, and no new bulbs.

Why should I note the phone number of the recipient?

May there be problems with the delivery of the packages, or if the address is not correct, then the courier or postman can make contact with the recipient.


I’m asked to accept the extra shipping terms

Packages are send registered and are trackable in general. However, this is not a guarantee the package will be delivered correctly. Also can we not provide phytosantairy certificates for these counties. Shipments to these countries is at your own risk. We are not responsible for packages that get lost, don’t get delivered or returned. Lost packages, damaged packages or packages that are hold or returned by the customs cannot be claimed with us